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The vineyard

Edetària only produces wine from its own vineyards. It does this in order to control the production process from the very beginning, because the vineyards are the most important part of our wine making.
Edetària owns 38 hectares, 24 of which are vineyards. A high percentage of these are old vineyards of over 50 years old, and the rest are between 20 and 25 years old.
These are among the best tended vineyards in the region. We aim to achieve low yields, always below 4500 kg/hectare.

Through a series of rigorous selection processes (of vineyards, plots, vines and grapes) Edetària wines use only a fraction of the total production of our vineyards. The objective is to achieve maximum quality.

Edetària is the result of the combination of the traditional grape varieties of the region from 60 year-old vineyards and cabernet sauvignon and merlot which were planted 25 years ago. These were some of the first vineyards of these varieties to be planted in Catalonia.

Each vineyard has its own personality which depends basically on the characteristics of the soil, and its microclimate. these variants determine the grape varieties we grow in each location. That is why we always refer to the different grape variety as well as the terroir where it has benn planted.
Some examples are the following:
- Garnatxa fina from Vinya del Mas (tapàs terroir).
- Garnatxa Peluda form Plana Gran (còdols terroir).
- Syrah from Vinya Bancal del Mas (vall teroir).
- Garnatxa Blanca   from Cendroses (panal terroir).

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