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The soils

Our vineyards are planted in five different soil types. The interaction between different grapes, with each soil type and a particular microclimate gives rise to our particular wines, each one with its own personality. This is why in Edetària we don't want to speak only about grapes, instead we prefer to speak of vineyards and terroirs. This is our main differentiator and gives us our own unique personality.

Soil types: TAPÀS

This kind of soil can be found in South and South East facing terrains. It is moderately deep (between 30 and 60 cm), properly drained and made up of medium-sized particles.
On the surface there is between 20 and 40 cm of a firm soil with a content of organic matter of below 1%. Below this layer there is 60 cm of silty soil. But when this layer is not present there is a layer of arenite or lutite.
This composition limits the ability to retain water and the shallowness of the soil limits the yields.

Soil types: TAPÀS BLANC

These are shallow and very young soils. Below that we find a layer of marl or limey lutite, some fragments of which can also be found on the surface. This results in very poor, unfertile soils and a very low capacity to retain water.

Soil types: VALL

Very deep soils (more than 120 cm) and very well drained. They are alluvial soils of tertiary materials at the end of a drainage channel.
They have a moerate capacity to retain water, which permits the growth of large root systems. They contain over 1.5% of organic matter and a high capacity of cationic interchange due to traces of minerals in the clay.

Soil types: PANAL

Deep soils, on steep slopes (over 20%) over sediments of eroded materials. The texture is sandy and at deeper levels there are layers of lime. These soils are characterized by excellent drainge, low capacity for water retention and a great depth for root systems.

Soil types: CÒDOLS

The "còdols" are pebbles and stones on the surface of deep (20 to 70 cm), well-drained soils. Their capacity to retain water is moderate, but the sontes enable rainfall to drain quickly into the sub-soils.

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