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Wine is from the land and each wine is an expression of a terroir in the widest sense: soil, climate and tradition. That is why we respect nature to the utmost, work in a sustanaible way and look for the maximum expression and authenticity of our terroirs.

The geography of the region is highly influenced by the limestone mountains of Pàndols, Cavalls and el Port d'Horta (known generically as "Els Ports").
Between these hills there is a broad valley in which the villages of Gandesa, Corbera and Bot are located. In the higher part of the valley there are some smaller villages such as Batea, Vilalba, La Pobla, La Fatarella. From a geological point of view, within the DO Terra Alta there are two clearly defined regions: the valley and the high plateau.

All the Edetària vineyards are located in the valley called "La Plana de Gandesa". The unerlying geological materials are the following:
- The lower part of the valley contains quaternary sediments over marl and sandstone.
- The higher regions contain successive layers of marl, sandstone and calcareous soil from the Eocene perio.
- Aeolian quaternary sediments which constitute fossil dunes.

The climate of the region around Gandesa is characterized by mild temperatures and scarce and irregular rainfall.
The temperatures are characteristic of our mild Mediterranean weather. However the sortage of available water for the vines is greater than might be expected due to the drainage of water into the sub-soil, equivalent to a drier Mediterranean climate

Another characteristic of the Gandesa region is the Easterly sea-breezes which carry a lot of humidity. This wind typically blows on summer afternoons and is called "garbinades". These winds help to provide the vineyars with a certain humidity to cope with the dryness of summer and hydric stress.

Between "gullies and valleys"
The shape of the countryside is determined by the drainage of rain water from the hills described previously. Perpendicular to the principal drainage channel other channels are formed, and then further ones perpendicular to these.
These drainage channels create narrow gullies in the soil, in a unique pattern of erosion.

In the less steep areas (in the middle of the valley) the drainage of water occurs on gentle slopes, cuasing the transport and accumulation of material.

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