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edetaria Shops: la clotxa

Edetària Shops takes you to La Clotxa, Granollers, Spain. It is a wine shop with a wide range of Terra Alta products. You can find typical products of Terres de l'Ebre, including fresh vegetables, but especially wine. Edetària wines couldn't miss  a store with these characteristics. Taste Edetària  wines with a "Clotxa" a dish that has a lot to do with the store. Want to know what we are talking about ...

Just Pallarès and Mercè Sastre, born in Terra Alta, are La Clotxa managers, they define their store such as: "... a store of Catalan products (made in Catalonia.) We have all kinds of quality food products produced here and wines and spirits. La Clotxa is a showcase of Terra Alta products, particularly Terrer wines and even fresh food,(vegetables grown by Joan LLuis Sastre, Merce's brother, in Bot). "

Speaking of Terra Alta is synonymous of wines and here comes Edetària "... We boast Edetària wines for their quality and a recognition they deserve beacuase of the influence of Gandesa's wine monk, Joan Angel Lliberia... a snake whisperer when he talks about his vineyards and his wine before that sublime landscape of Terra Alta. Listening to him  in the winery you never know if you're  high in heaven or down on earth .... " There are many ways to describe Edetària wines but Just and Merce's way is certainly original.

In Terra Alta wines are made  mainly for having them with food. The clotxa istypical from Terres de l'Ebre. As stated in the Dictionary of the Institute Estudis Catalans: a whole bread partially cleared of crumbs and filled with meat or fish. The essence Clotxa offers many versions as the dictionary says is a hollowed bread, filled with grilled garlic and tomato  then sausage,or otherwise  a salted herring. The clotxa with herring is offered to guests when they visit the winery.

  Now if you have a good clotxa of Terra Alta accompanied by Edetària wines and  so enjoying the Spirit of a Land, visit La  Clotxa  in Granollers and Just and  Mercè and will provide everything you need.

La Clotxa & Edetària, 100% Terra Alta Spirit

Information and contact:

Address: C / Barcelona, 17, 08401, Granollers

Telephone: from 938,794,936 to 609,747,625
Email: aclotxa@hotmail.com,jlsastre72@hotmail.com

From 9:30 to 13:30 and 17:00 to 20:30

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