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Toni Falgueres, manager and owner of Celler  Gelida, describes  Edetària wines with theses words:

"The distance between DO Terra Alta and Barcelona have been declining as the evolution of their wines makes them a more modern and seductive, but at the same time, with a basis as traditional as Grenache.

After testing different wineries,  Edetària faded any doubt we could have on Terra Alta's potential, for his project as who leads and obviously for its wines, and its wide range of representative types, price and quality.

  And we are sure we guessed right "Celler Gelida


Celler Gelida is one of the most famous wineshops in Barceloan. Because iit was opened in 1895, it shares a scent of authenticity that 5 generations of sommeliers have accumulated in this shop. And by volume: more than 3,500 wines, champagnes and spirits.

Celler de Gelida boasts wines from Catalan DO's and defends indigenous grapes. This is an ideology that  Edetària's grenaches could not miss.

More than 5 generations' experience of sommeliers devoted to selling wine is evident in the recommendations  made to customers.

Few wineshops in Barcelona have facilities as well prepared for the conservation of wines as Celler de Gelida.

   In this video you can hear Toni Falgueres explaining in detail the philosophy behind Celler Gelida and its  interesting insight into the world of Catalan wine.

At the beginning of the article from the Cellar Gelida literally told us "... we are sure of having guessed right with Edetària" Edetària is  also confident that we hit on the mark with Celler Gelida to market our wines.

Here is the contact information.



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