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DO Terra Alta

The DO (Denomination of Origin) Terra Alta was constituted in 1985; however, the wines from this region had been highly valued by consumers for many years. Previously the quality of the wines from the region had made them sought after as wines for blending with lesser qualities from other regions.
Nowadays in a spirit of revival and renewal, many private initiatives are trying to emulate the quality and commercial success of a nearby region, the Priorat, to be found some 40 kilmetres to the north. However, there is still much to be done, and Edetària will participate enthusiastically in this process.

A wonderful opportunity lies ahead. We have hsitory, a culture, the terroirs, the vineyards, the people... we have to adapt ourselves to the times and offer all our authenticity and personality.
Because of this, our logo includes the letter "t", which stands for "terra" -which means "land" in Catalan- and represents the "spirit of the land".
Associaci� Turisme Rural Terra Alta